Meet our ‘Artizens’
Our team is constantly committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries while delivering workplaces. Our greatest strength is the relationship of trust we have with our clients. Our Artizens wear many hats. They are bikers, philosophers, farmers and musicians who are also the designers, engineers, innovators and project managers of workplaces of the future.

PS Kochar

Sumeet Mahajan

Deepak Nagraj

Sukant Gupta

Gurmohan Singh

Deepak Bhat

Manish Kapil

Ramesh Singh

Amarjit Singh

Narendhar Reddy

Rajan Gupta

Sudhir Saraf

Anita Pardeshi

Inder Bisht

Mayure Breed

Mahesh K

Sheetal Bhuleshkar

Sunil Sidharthan

Deepen Rath

Iqbal Singh Kalsi